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Reliance stands for trust and assurance…no matter what your needs are, you can be assured that we will go that extra mile to help you succeed. Customer service is key to our business.

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Tour & VIP Custom Merchandise

RPI works along side some of the biggest license holders for VIP & Tour Merchandise. In this fast and crazy world of entertainment you need a company that can produce and turn around small or large quantities of custom printed merchandise from: VIP Passes, Lanyards, T-shirts, Event Tickets, Posters, Banners, Buttons, Magnets, Stickers and thousands of more items. CALL NOW and ask for a Tour Merchandise Representative to help you.

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Promotional Products

The best way to increase your sales, branding and longevity in a competitive market is with Custom Promotional Products. At RPI, we know that brand promotion is important for small businesses. We carry a huge selection of custom promotional items with over 350,000 options to choose from to help your brand stand out. From pens, apparels, notepads, mugs and much more, we have what you’re looking for. We believe in providing quality promotional items that you will be proud to hand out as a giveaway item to any meetings or events. Want a great way to leave a lasting impression of your brand?

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Product Development

Your product is what gives value to your brand, RPI can help you make your mark in the market. Whether you are looking to develop packaging for your product or are in the plans of manufacturing it from drawing board, we can help you. Let our designers and product professionals help you finalize a product that will be competitive in today’s market. With our 40 or more years of experience in shipping and dealing with retail companies, we can guide you on choosing the correct path to fulfilling your products needs from start to finish.

OEM Services

We can help you establish sourced manufacturing in the U.S., Asia, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America – with the quality you demand, at extremely competitive pricing. Whether your product is in the beginning stages or you are looking for larger manufacturing capabilities we can help. Products can range from Novelty Items such as Bamboo-Scrolls, Bobble Heads, Cards, Coasters, Key Chains, Mini-Scrolls, Mugs & Tumblers, Plush Dolls, 2D Posters, 3D Posters, Stickers, Wall Scrolls, and much more.
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To make any product stand out from the rest, a standee is the perfect choice.
Standees give you a way to highlight the importance of a specific product or event. By placing them in a place to “stand alone”, they are more eye-catching and appealing.
We’ll work with you to turn your event, movie, or product image into something that will attract interest. Our graphic design team will find the most gripping, compelling, and visually exciting image to use for your standee, and our manufacturers will produce the self-standing display for your promotional use.

Strategic & Planning

Let us help you create a strategy for the most efficient product marketing options!
Our team of graphic designers and product packaging engineers will sit down with you and discuss your desires for your upcoming event, product launch, or sale. Once they know what your goals are, they’ll craft a plan to help you maximize ROI.
Everything from product placement to unique packaging to product display will be carefully considered down to the most minute detail. We’ll then present you with a strategy created specifically for your product and the retail/wholesale environment you will be promoting it.


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