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Counter displays are ideal for POS (Point of Sale) counters. It is the best way to roll out and showcase your product in the most cost-effective way. Counter displays are perfect for showcasing smaller products. Having displays on checkout counters offer the opportunity for last minute sales.
At RPI, we create eye-catching displays that put your product in front of the customers. Counter displays come in a different sizes and styles so you are sure to find the option that works for you. Our team of designers will help you choose the best style that fits your branding.

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What’s the best way to attract the consumer’s attention? Put your products directly in their line of sight!
Floor displays are one of the most efficient sales tools you have, as they place your products right where customers will see them. The displays remove your products from the over-packed shelf and place them directly in the customer’s path. In a large retail environment—department store, convention, or appliance store—a floor display will be just what you need.
Let us create a display that places your product in a worthy showcase. Our unique design elements will appeal to customers in a way that reinforces and enhances your brand image. With our help, you can catch the consumer’s’ eyes, and the quality of your product will do the rest!


Club stores (Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.) are the ideal place to move large volumes of product at once, but they can be so oversaturated with competing brands and products. Thankfully, our pallet displays will make your products the king of the retail environment.
Not only will our displays meet the club store requirements for packaging and palletizing, but we’ll ensure that your products’ best features are on prominent display. We’ll maximize product space, reduce damage, and increase the profit of your pallet displays. With our help, your display will stand out from the rest.


Corrugated cardboard offers the durability and versatility you need for a high quality display. Whether you’re setting up your product in a retail store, a club store, or a convention, you’ll want a display that can stand up to high-volume traffic and still look amazing.
We take care of everything: from the visual appeal of the display to the unique, eye-catching design to the sturdy construction. Our graphic designers will take all the best elements of your brand and use it to appeal to passing consumers.
We offer:

  • Single, Double, and Triple-Wall Thickness
  • Die Cut
  • Litho Lamination
  • RSC, FOL, RETT, and DST


For a high-volume traffic environment, nothing beats the durability of metal displays. But metal brings its own chic to bear, with its shining reflective finish. For a unique, eye-catching display, you won’t find better than metal.
Our metal displays are built with only the best-quality materials (not sure what materials they are, but add a few words here). The displays are built with durability in mind, but they don’t sacrifice portability and versatility. We ensure that your display can be easily moved, assembled, dismantled, and transported. Or, if you want a permanent solution, we’ll guarantee the displays last for years of daily use.


Wood brings a timeless beauty to any environment. There’s something luxurious and elegant about a polished, high-gloss wooden shelf or display rack. By framing your products in wood, you appeal to the nostalgic side of your customers.
Our wooden displays are durable and reliable, but built to attract the eye of passing consumers. Our graphic design team will create a unique design, and our manufacturing team will craft it specifically to meet your needs. With our help, you can create a display that attracts the consumers’ attention and piques their interest to find out more.