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Reliance stands for trust and assurance…no matter what your needs are, you can be assured that we will go that extra mile to help you succeed. Customer service is key to our business.

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Product Packaging

Turn your products into a unique marketing tool!
Packaging can make your products stand out from your competitors. With bold, original style, color, and font choices, you can turn an ordinary package into something that demands attention. We’ll make sure your products travel in style.
Our graphic designers will create samples of product packages that will be unique, eye-catching, and memorable. We’ll work with your brand elements to ensure every aspect of the package reinforces the image you want to convey. When you see the full color samples we offer you, you’ll be thrilled at how one-of-a-kind your products look. That’s our packaging guarantee!

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Mock Samples Available

At RPI we understand the importance of having a finished sample in your hand to show your design team or any projected buyer. So let us help you on getting you a finished black Mock Sample or Printed one as well. Most samples are FREE and can be turned around in 24-48 hours at times. Call now and talk to one of our designers.

Printed Boxes

A box is so much more than just a package: it’s a selling and marketing tool that can showcase your brand’s unique flavor.
Instead of using traditional rectangular boxes, we’ll create something extraordinary for you. From unique sizes and shapes to bright colors and bold logo placements, our design team will help you find an interesting and original way to store and ship your products. Your customers will love receiving your products for the box alone.
Printed boxes can enhance even the simplest products, and they can be a vehicle for promoting your brand in a whole new and unusual way.

Subscription Boxes

Why not turn your single-purchase customers into monthly subscribers? Not only do you keep them engaged with regular deliveries of your product, but you can give them something extra special to show them how much you value them.
Let us build you a subscription box like no other. Whether you’re sending a Product of the Month, a loot crate, or a regular delivery of a reliable product, we’ll make sure the packaging is as appealing as the product within. We can turn your subscription box into the most anticipated item of your customers’ month with a unique box fully in line with your brand image.